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Aviation Databases, owned and operated by Biz and Prop Review Monthly, are a leading provider of aircraft database software to the aviation world. We currently ship to more than 45 countries around the World and our Customer base is always expanding. 

As you look around the internet you will find several products claiming to be the best aviation database. We do not need to make that claim - we are the only aviation database that can call itself Aviation Databases.

Please have a look at our site and make all the comparisons that you can with our competitors.

Try to request a fully functional evaluation DVD to help you assess each product.

Try to find the multiple choice subscription options, the multiple airframe logging facility and the personal photo logs.

At the same time have a look at the Production Listings, the Airline Fleets and the historic and current Accident Logs.

And finally, have a look to see who offers eleven different Register listings from Official Sources together with complete IATA, ICAO and Callsign listings.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to welcoming you as a new and valued database user.


Aviation Databases - Latest Statistics

DECEMBER 2015 - Total Updates : 15,740


  • New Frames - 1,043
  • New lines of history - 3,954
  • New ex regs - 2,380
  • Write-offs - 86

JANUARY 2016 - Total Updates so far 36,916


  • New Frames - 2,524
  • New lines of history - 10,464
  • New ex regs - 5,809
  • Write-offs - 316


What our Customers are saying ...

"Being a relative newcomer to using the database for the hobby, I have got to say how thrilled I am with the quality of service and the dedication shown by all the people responsible for the constant upkeep of Av Dab.  Special thanks to Ian for all the help over the phone and also to Paul, for helping me overcome a problem with logging on to the forum. I will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Aviation Databases to anyone with any interest in the hobby".

"I think the database is excellent and has saved me years of work going through books underlining. Thanks to Ian and the team for all their hard work. Keep it up guys. A very happy customer!!"